Shortlist is a cutting-edge guide for choosing a career that fits you and your perspective goals

Remember your final months in college, when you were about to make one of the most impactful decisions of your life when you were deciding on the first job you would apply for? Shortlist serves as a personal coach to make more informed decisions.

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Setting The Scene

We partnered up with Crossbridge mid 2016 with the aim to envision a digital future for their company. All options were on the table. Key heuristics we carried with us throughout:

  • Value for Young Graduates is at the core
  • Thinking 'Phygital': combining Physical and Digital: Shortlist would be positioned at the intersection of the 'real world' and digital surroundings.

So we got to work...


Gathering 'round the whiteboard

Over the course of 10+ meetings we got ideas flowing. An inspirational time span followed during which everything was possible and no reality checks were in place just yet. We conceptualised a general strategy, a business approach, the product positioning, go-to-market and a general project methodology.


5 specialised tests enable you to gain insights into your talents, interests, main drivers and skills.

Make it happen

Digital job coaching will guide you to design your own fulfilling career.

Crystal clear output

A personalised overview of jobs and corporate cultures in line with your profile.

Fully Responsive

Responsive web design was the guiding principles throughout the entire prototyping stage. Shortlist's audience lives in a fast-paced digital reality and expects an up-par usability across all of their devices.

Making Complex Simple

The basis of Shortlist is a complex algorithm. Our objective was to simplify this complexity to the maximum extent. Both from an operational and technical perspective we optimized efficiency



We standardized the development of the platform on the Symfony framework. Symfony guarantees security, data integrity, and best practices approach to PHP software development.

moving forward

We strictly followed the SCRUM methodology, moving forward in 2-weekly sprints. At the very start we defined various roles and responsibilities. The creative and development teams were organised across multiple business locations in Leuven, Belgium and Kiev, Ukraine.


An optimal intertwining of development, operations and design made sure we produced concrete output every two weeks, which could be validated with the end users directly.

Distributed Agile Software Development

We set up multi-disciplinary teams in geographically-dispersed business locations. We focus on leveraging the benefits of Agile Development principles on a global playing field.

Agile Software Development

product owner

  • Represents the product’s stakeholders and has a focus on the business side
  • Accountable for ensuring that the team delivers value to the business
  • Defines units of work and adds those to the product backlog
  • Indicates priorities based om importance and dependencies
Agile Software Development

delivery heroes

  • Delivering shippable product increments every 2-week sprint
  • Consists of 3 to 9 team members.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams who self-organise within a sprint
  • Decision capabilities at the implementation level
Agile Software Development

scrum master

  • Ensures that the scrum framework is followed
  • Helping the team to determine the definition of done for the product, with input from key stakeholders
  • Coaching the team, within the Scrum principles, in order to deliver high-quality features for its product
  • Coaching the development team in self-organisation and cross-functionality

Our DevOps Approach

Our software delivery team took full-cycle ownership from application logic to performance monitoring: build & run. A single project team was responsible for the development, infrastructure, installation, testing, packaging, deployment and bug fixing. Our philosophy of continuous delivery kept all stakeholders aligned throughout the process.


Software Engineering

Building the application layer on top of the database infrastructure. Front- & back-end code development based on a standardised framework and internal reviewing mechanisms. We handle a one-click deploy philosophy during which all automated tests need to get passed.


Business-IT Alignment

Capturing functional requirements that are in-line with the business objectives. Making sure these are translated into our SCRUM methodology process. We focus on regular (pre)releases to ensure that features keep moving in the right direction and all stakeholders remain aligned.

Quality assurance

Shipping Reliability

We write automated tests for all aspects of the platform. Continuous testing and continuous integration (CI) ensures reliable releases to staging or live versions. Performance monitoring tools are configured as an additional assurance that the whole system is stable.

Our toolset

Github Trello Docker CircleCi Google Cloud Digital Ocean

Shortlist In Numbers

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page document with user stories
months from idea to MVP

Raf Cuyvers

General manager Crossbridge

Quotes We partnered up with Panenco early on in their company existence. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to leave a mark made all the difference. Panenco served as a loyal and inspiring business partner throughout the whole trajectory.

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