We are digital product developers.
We shape, build and operate SaaS applications.
From zero to one. From one to many.


create a path, leave a trail

We assess complex business cases, ask about a million thoughtful questions and use iterative prototyping to get teams aligned with their digital approach.


connect the digital dots

We're fierce adepts of the scrum methodology to iteratively build scalable applications. We jointly define shippable increments with continuous delivery and deployment.


our true north is growth

Any new product needs care and attention. We are a partner for the long run and we foresee the necessary capabilities to sustain what we build.

Our services


We jointly define a global plan for efficient brainstorm sessions, market analysis, value proposition, segmentation, channels, business model and validation.


We bring wireframes to life and work towards an all-encompassing prototype. We iterate and tailor to functional perfection.


We design a tailored user interface. We optimise the usage flow and keep smooth and intuitive ease-of-use in our minds as the absolute top priority


Based on a solid functional analysis, we define the appropriate technical architecture for the mission at hand, keeping future ambitions in mind.


We create fully decoupled back-end and front-end web and mobile applications using REST services. Secure and GDPR compliant.


In the API ecosystem companies nowadays make a major difference by choosing carefully what to build and what other tools to integrate with.


Tracking users, figuring out where bottlenecks occur, measuring usage statistics and learning from your data is key while iterating your product towards perfection.


Not one soul alive has a definitive guide to growing a digital product. An integrated approach with a focus on creativity, tech and tools is a good start.

Clients & Cases

KU Leuven is well known as a leading university with a prestigious international ranking. The faculty of Economics and Business took the initiative to build a platform to guide students and young graduates towards and throughout their career path. You can read the details about this case below.

KU Leuven

Fedict - Belgium's Federal Public Service for Information and Communication Technology - is supporting the government in building out their Open Data initiatives. We were assigned as subcontractors to assist in building the platform where datasets from numerous sources are aggregated.

ConTeyor is a leader in the innovative niche market of B2B re-usable textile packaging systems. ConTeyor solutions eliminate the need for expendable, single-use packaging materials. We are actively supporting the digital strategy and execution of their business unit Storeganizer.

We partnered up - non-exclusively - with one of the Big 4 consultancy firms to create digital solutions for their internal operations as well as for their clients. We continue to build further on this strong alliance to create mutual value for both parties.

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